14:30 - 17:15

Experience the magic of 'Sahachar' - an exploration of Harmony in Diversity...!

Finland Tamil Sangam

The performance will feature a remarkable 1990s song that joyfully commemorates the theme of friendship, capturing its essence through music and dance.


Five friends from diverse backgrounds showcase their personal favorites, merging elegance, beauty, and vigor to create a captivating and mesmerizing stage performance that engages and enthralls the audience.

United by Rythms

The performance portrays a range of friendships within India, transcending religious and cultural barriers, from sibling bonds to childhood friendships and interfaith relationships, capturing the unity and diversity of the nation. The presentation seamlessly navigates through sibling, childhood, and professional friendships, culminating in a celebration of cross-cultural and interfaith camaraderie, highlighting the unifying essence of friendship amidst diversity.

Punjab Cultural Society of Finland

The performance will involve a collaborative presentation on a Punjabi song, effectively showcasing their cultural heritage through synchronized dance.

Namaste Finland

This performance navigates through India's cultural diversity, exemplifying the rich array of dance styles from various regions, aligned with the theme of Maitri that bridges cultures and celebrates friendship. Namaste Finland group presents a fusion dance amalgamating North, South, East, and West Indian cultures, conveying both diversity and unity in a harmonious showcase.


The musical ensemble comprises three pianos, along with a drums set, a flute, and either a tabla or a cajon, collectively contributing to a harmonious and diverse musical performance.

The Rolling Raagas

The Rolling Ragas, a musical group, is set to deliver a fusion performance intertwining Hindi and Finnish languages. Their ensemble features electric guitars, drums, violin, synthesizer, and three vocalists, promising a dynamic and engaging musical presentation.

Raj Mohan - Singer

Melody and Rhythm, Hand in Hand: The collaboration between musicians Raj Mohan and Ganesh Dhure reflects an embodiment of cultural harmony. Raj's evocative melodies blend seamlessly with Ganesh's accomplished Tabla skills, offering a harmonious celebration of friendship through music, symbolizing the spirit of Maithri.

Nach Baliye

The upcoming performance will highlight traditional Rajasthani folk dances, featuring Kalbeliya, Chari, and Bhawai dances. The presentation offers a journey into the rich culture of Rajasthan through storytelling, showcasing captivating aspects such as snake charming, and providing a unique glimpse into the state's vibrant heritage and its association with royalty.

Fusia Performing Arts

In "Tattvamasi - Lord Ayyappa and Vavar," the performance brings to life the endearing bond shared between Hindu deity Ayyappa and Muslim saint Vavar, whose shrine is situated within Sabarimala temple. This legendary narrative of friendship symbolizes Kerala's communal harmony, cherished by its people as a testament to unity amidst diversity.

Fashionista Tribe

The fashion show seamlessly blends traditional Indian textiles with modern design, showcasing the versatility of these fabrics through contemporary twists like metallic accents and jackets. The presentation exemplifies the transformation of heritage textiles into chic, modern clothing, bridging India's cultural legacy with the evolving trends of fashion's future.

Indian Council for Cultural Relations - Tanushree Shankar

Dance Academy Performance

Join the dance extravaganza, where tradition and modernity unite to form a mesmerizing tapestry of culture and grace. Experience the elegance and innovation that make Tanusree Shankar Dance Company a true force to be reckoned with!

Grand Finale - Bhangranatyam

This captivating performance unites North Indian Bhangra and South Indian Bharatanatyam, representing diverse Indian cultures and the India-Europe connection. The fusion highlights friendship and blends a global Latin superhit with traditional Indian rhythms for a dynamic presentation.

Concluding the event, the closing segment features lively Indian beats by

DJ Sahil,

providing a vibrant and energetic end to the proceedings.


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