10:00 - 11:30

Step into the world of 'Samriddhi' - a journey of Cultural Abundance...!

Lamp lighting will be carried out by Mr. T.V. Ganesan, who holds the position of First Secretary & Head of Chancery at the Embassy of India. This will be done in the presence of the Friends Of India & Finland core committee, as well as leaders and members from different verticals of India Day team, symbolizing an anticipated moment of unity and co-operation.


The performance aims to depict various forms of relationships with Krishna, symbolizing qualities of devotion, maternal care, affection, and camaraderie. It highlights the significant roles played by notable women figures in Krishna's life, portraying diverse facets of friendship and love.

Alpana Dance Group

Presenting Alpana Dance Group, set to deliver a Bollywood dance performance to the song "Badi Mushkil" from the film "Lajja," drawing inspiration from both the movie's choreography and the graceful movements of a renowned actress.

Melodious Ragas

The event features a traditional dance performance blending Kathak and Bharatanatyam styles, complemented by live accompaniment from accomplished Hindustani musicians playing the tabla, flute, and piano, creating a harmonious fusion of movement and classical music.

Sahron Ben Dor

A devoted admirer of North Indian classical music since the 1990s, the artist embraces the soulful Gayaki style, nurtured under the tutelage of Pandit Sugato Nag in Kolkata. A versatile performer, he captivates global audiences with his Sitar virtuosity, resonating across India, Israel, and Finland, often accompanied by accomplished tabla players. Possessing a rich background as a Sanskrit scholar, the artist, Sharon Ben-Dor, enthralls with his sitar melodies and imparts his deep knowledge, nurturing aspiring learners in Finland, while his academic pursuits delve into Indian musical theory and aesthetics.

Gujarati Samaj Ry

Originating in Gujarat, India, Garba is a traditional dance form deeply rooted in cultural significance, centering around the worship and celebration of the divine feminine through rhythmic performances held during the Navarātrī festival, often around a lit lamp or an image of Goddess Shakti, symbolizing reverence and devotion.

Moving Feet - Bihar Jharkhand Parishad Finland

The performance sequence consists of a diverse selection of songs, ranging from emotive tracks like "Maa" from Tare Zameen Par to lively tunes such as "Luka Chuppi." The setlist also includes instrumentally rendered pieces like "Jai Bihar," followed by dynamic renditions of "Senorita," "Makhna," and "Sanak" for a well-rounded musical presentation.

Åbolly Dancers - Lavani

Originating in Maharashtra, India, Lavani is a cultural folk dance that narrates tales with the goal of uplifting spirits, encapsulating beauty through movement. In a performance by Åbolly Dancers, the dance portrays a hiccup-themed song known as "Hitchki," accentuated by choreography crafted by Sanna Soni.

Maharashtra Mandal

This presentation encapsulates the essence of friendship, as expressed through the distinctive 'Pandharpur wari' tradition from Maharashtra, where devotees embark on a 250 km pilgrimage to the Viththal temple in Pandharpur, engaging in a unique dance form called "warkaries" to celebrate their deep bond with the deity Viththal, symbolizing devotion through friendship.

Dhwani Music band

The music ensemble Dhwani is set to perform the renowned Malayalam song 'Thumbi Va' by prolific composer Mr. Ilayaraja, interpreted in five languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi, symbolizing cross-cultural unity. This musical presentation harmoniously captures the essence of the theme 'Maitri - Bridging Cultures, celebrating friendship,' as a single melody traverses linguistic and cultural boundaries, resonating with diverse audiences.

Fusia Performing Arts

Titled "Daiva Maitri - The Divine Friendhood," this presentation narrates the story of Panjurli and Guliga, who, after a land dispute and intervention by goddess Durga, forged a bond of companionship and joint worship, symbolizing unity and harmony.

Finland Kannada Association - Srigandha Music band

Highlighting the cultural significance of friendship and trust in Indian music, this performance will intricately weave together a medley of songs including "Dosti RRR," "Rekke eddare saake," "Kuladalli keelyavudo," "Santoshakke haadu santoshakke," and "Kalavannu tadeyoru." The amalgamation of emotional connections and energetic group singing aims to foster a sense of belonging among the participants.